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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  August 30, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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the frightening tale coming out of one neighborhood that has everybody on edge. >> michelle: hash tag motivation. that's the name of jimdre westbrook's new book. he is here live in studio to talk about how to go through life at your own paste and maintain a happy lifestyle. we're going to have details on that coming up >> announcer: news 3 starts right we continue to monitor these live pictures out of the los angeles area where police have had the home of singer/songwriter chris brown surrounded since about 3:00 this morning. according to a report just put out by tmz, police have retrieved at least one gun, other weapons and drugs from his home after chris brown threw a
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they have been there because they received a call from a woman from the outside of the home claiming that he had pointed a gun at her. they've been trying to get him to come out of the home. he is refusing to come out of the home. but he is posting on social media, specifically instagram, very bizarre rants that he has been going on, where he's taunting police. he mentioned the black lives matter movement. he said f the police among many other that police have retrieved some weapons and some drugs from a bag that chris brown threw himself out of his own window. this as they continue to surround his home in los angeles. we're going stay on this. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it your way. >> krystal: thank you so much for being with us. that's our breaking news. we also continue to follow other news. we're talking about the sentencing for three teens and a fourth defendant involved in a
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it's been delayed. >> michelle: the sentencing hearing set to take place today but was pushed back with issues with unfinished court proceedings with another judge. one of the victims in this case was sexually assaulted four times and had a knife held to her throat. another male victim was held at gunpoint while the house near blue diamond road and el capitan was searched for ables. the men will be back in court in late october. i remember this story very there were several men who broke into that home and, unfortunately, they terrorized that family for quite awhile. we're going to have the latest this and will bring you more. >> krystal: frightening moments for nevada congressman crescent hardy expected to be back at work this week after he had a minor heart attack. a spokesman says it happened monday. the congressman under went a medical procedure and is being monitored as he recovers. he is out of the hospital today.
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re-election in a district that spans heavily hispanic -- north las vegas to rural nevada. >> michelle: new at 12:30, the fbi expected to release a report on the hillary clinton email investigation as early as tomorrow. it is the report from back in july that recommended no charges be brought against clinton. fbi director james comey described her behavior with classified materials as, quote, extremely careless. but went on to say that she should not and would not be facing any charges. what's not being released are of clinton's aides or other materials that were sent to congress. chipolte mexican grills hard work its effort to win back customers of all ages. this after the burrito chain of course faced a lot of -- well they had that issue because they had tainted food products there. the chain announced today it's going offer two new promotions during the month of september.
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free kids meal with the purchase of an ebb tray. during the month of september the chain will give high school and ledge students who present a valid school i.d. a free drink with the purchase of an entree. over to you. >> krystal: let's get motivated shall we? this man is going to help make it happen. jimdre westbrook is a motivational speaker, spokesperson for a lifestyle clothing brapdz, and now he is adding author. is there anything you don't i am not perfect. no one is. but i'm very, very blessed. i'm very busy. glad to be back. >> krystal: i want to talk to jimdre because you have been on the show before about how you got thrust into the national spotlight. you have been called the worth of weight guy. >> something i came up two years ago. i turned 30 and wanted to do something cool. i am not a party animal or anything so i am kind of like a
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i did a blog to let people know it's cool and okay, perfectly fine to live life at your own pace. hence be worth the wait guy. >> krystal: it's okay. you don't have to i guess bend and mold to the pressures of society. you can just do you. >> exactly. that's what it's all about. that's what living life at your own pace is all about. accepting who you are. being confident. and that's why i did worth the wait guy. i wanted to be confident enough to be virgin who is now 32. >> krystal: look at you. you know you probably motivated some other people who might have been fearful about taking a stand for something because they were maybe concerned about how others might view them. >> yes. we all live in the public eye. everyone has something to say. for mow i wanted to say something positive and being worth the wait guy, being confident, being who you are i felt still resonates with
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let's talk about it. hash tag motivation. let's talk about it. >> hashtag #motivation is my first book. one of six within the hashtag series. i'm starting to write hashtag #love open your heart which will be available later in the year. hashtag #motivation was something that came about because i use to do motivational quotes every single day via facebook, instagram, twitter. a lot of people liked them if so i got the idea from melanie to write a you should do this. as wasn't motivated right away but i got on it and did it and it's now an amazon bestseller. >> krystal: and it's something you were doing to uplift other people now you were able to take that to the next level and you are motivating people at a whole new level. >> yes, ma'am. it wasn't part of my plan. i've been very, very blessed, very honored for that. now opening up a new store right here in las vegas called live at
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jimdre it's always a pleasure to have you. just quickly as we wrap can you tell people where they can find you. >> you can find me on social media @worth the wait guy. and also follow lay out clothing for our grand opening this weekend downtown container park. >> krystal: i love it. come back and see us. congratulations on all your success. >> yes thank you very much. >> krystal: look for this one. jimdre westbrook doing big things. >> michelle: this interview was so perfect. anyone who knows krystal knows she does life own pace. >> krystal: but that's okay. because i come with a smile. and i come ready to motivate. >> michelle: and a suitcase too. >> krystal: i do. [ laughter ] >> michelle: did you notice something when you watched the video music awards for mtv? taylor swift wasn't there. did you notice that? there was a really good reason for why show had to miss one of the biggest shows of the year. we're going tell you what happened coming up.
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isn't the only thing that's hot today. the men of aussie heat will be here to tell us about a new show at planet hollywood and what we can expect for that and yeah we may need a couple of fans in here for a few reasons. >> krystal: now i forgot my tease. [ laughter ] >> chloe: people are enjoying the hot weather. triple-digits in the forecast. i'll let you know how long the warming trend will last next. >> michelle: we have more information as we continue to follow breaking had the home of singer/songwriter chris broundz surrounded since 3:00 a.m. this morning. you see the cameras putting live pictures focused on the door. that is because we have seen people coming in and out of the home. he has been inside of that home after a woman called police this morning saying he pointed a gun at her. he refused on come out saying that police needed a search warrant. but we've seen that door open and we've seen movement. so that's what we know right now. we're going to continue to
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during the break we'll briring
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i'm catherine cortez masto anand i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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>> michelle: aren't you lucky you live here? >> chloe: beautiful weather outside. some people taking advantage of the toasty temperatures. you can see them hanging out behind me. these people in the pool right now. it's going be a little warmer today compared to wednesday. and -- compared to yesterday. and we'll see triple digits next few days. hanging on to that warm weath lots of sunshine. that's a time-lapse over the last few hours. not much change in our weather pattern for today. we'll take a closer look at the temperatures. like i said, it is very toasty out there. 105 for sunrise. 102 southeast. 101 north las vegas and even triple digits in summerlin. most part winds are calm across the area. the warm side of things laughlin is at 108. on the cooler side looking at temperatures in the upper 70s
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and north las vegas 98 for the current temperature. 103 for pahrump. 101 boulder city. and 104 degrees for mesquite. as we take a look at weather across the nation we're seeing quite a bit of active weather. you can see tropical depression eight off the coast of north carolina. this is moving very slowly in a northeasterly direction. bringing sustained winds up to 35 miles an hour. little farther soudz south we've moving into the gulf. coming back home. really not much happening in our area right now. we're going to see a more sun etleed pattern later on this week. here what's we're fast forwarding to. as we get closer to wednesday seeing chances for showers increasing over arizona and utah. for us we're going to say mostly dry. highs today. a little warmer compared to yesterday. 105. a degree warmer than yesterday for our projected high in las vegas. remember if the air is warm the ground is warm too. remember walk your pets in the
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paws. or walk them early or in the evening. evening forecast dripping down -- dipping down into the mid-90s. [ laughter ] they'll talk about dripping in a second. [ laughter ] temperatures dropping. and speaking of the drop, into labor day weekend we go. 95 degrees expected by next monday. i'll let it drip back to you guys. [ laughter ] >> michelle: i get to the hot stuff in a moment here. first we've got something really creepy to talk about. have to give you a warning if you don't like clowns this might give you a nightmares but it's really happening. a south carolina neighborhood on edge after residents, many of them, and many children have reported people dressed up as clowns are trying to lure children into the nearby woods. >> krystal: it sounds like something out of a hollywood horror movie.
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dumpster with a blinking red nose. >> krystal: this is unacceptable. residents say a person dressed in clown clothing with face paint tries to entice the children to follow him with money and candy. it's causing a lot of worry for parents. the greenville county sheriff deputies have searched the woods but so far haven't been able to find anybody or anything. as precaution, because they are really concerned about this for the sake of the children and the families, they've sed wow! >> michelle: very creepy. you know someone who was not at the video music awards. we gave it away in the tease. taylor swift wasn't there. but she had a really good reason. it just shows it doesn't matter who you are you are not above the law. when duty calls you got to answer. >> krystal: got do your civic duty. aka jury duty. >> wear your seatbelts.
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old enough. >> krystal: while she was there she was nice enough to do a little video for a mother that she wanted to show to her kids. a little taylor swift shout out. she missed the mtv music awards because she had to do jury duty in nashville. even taylor swift stepping up to do civic duty. >> michelle: she was not called to be a remember member of the jury. they have to ask what you do for a living sfom they asked her. and everybody started to kind of giggle and laugh in the room and she said i am a song also just the biggest star ever right now. but hey. >> krystal: she is pretty big. >> michelle: that's a good example to set. see this arrow right here? pointing to that big bright light? you look up at the night sky and see all the stars. scientists at nasa are hard at work learning about them. and this one in particular. >> krystal: they're focused on that star deep in our galaxy. they say the star has all the
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but in reality it's very young. several teams of astronomers say this star 12,000 light years away is likely in it's early stages of life and only about a billion years old. get this. our sun is four-and-a-half billion years old. so it's not too old if you compare it there. >> michelle: i am sorry but how do you know how old stars are? >> krystal: that's why they do their job and we do our job and read. >> michelle: let's get to getting right now. these are live pictures out of los angeles where police have had the home of chris brown surrounded. what we're hearing now is that these cameras have zeroed in on the front door. apparently chris brown is coming out of the house. i don't know if that's him in the hat. i don't think it is. i think he has lawyers and other members of his team inside the house. this must be him. so he's -- okay.
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we're waiting. we really don't know. there are obviously other people inside the home. but this is playing out live as we speak right outside of los angeles. for awhile he says he wasn't coming out unless they had a search warrant. his arms are raised up. >> krystal: we're hearing he has on a black hoodie. but they're lining up and coming out. >> michelle: there were reports around 3:00 he had pointed a gun at a woman who called police from outside of his home. they have had the home surrounded sce get him to come out. he refused to come out saying he needed a search warrant. however, he has been posting very bizarre rants on instagram saying he did not appreciate it. he says he's been harassed by police officers and the media. there were helicopters flying overhead. and that he's done nothing wrong. so looks like they've made contact with him. there were a lot of people inside the house and people are
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live on tv. we wanted to bring it to you because we got word that chris brown was supposed to be coming out. we don't where he might be. >> it's possible he had an enter aumg of people out there. the last time just about ten minutes ago we got an update that he did throw a duffle bag out of the house and that had weapons and drugs inside it. so he's been taunting police and not cooperating with police. this all started with a woman who called pointing a gun at her and then he threw weapons out of the window in a duffle bag. that's what we know. we'll continue to follow pictures and let you know if and when chris brown makes his way out of that home in los angeles. >> krystal: the world of comedy mourning the passing of legendary actor gene wilder. of course we found out about this yesterday. he passed away at the age of 83. >> michelle: we first brought you this story as breaking news right here on this newscast. let's learn more from jeanne
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long and successful and incredible life. >> reporter: willy wonka has left this world. ? want to change the world there's nothing to it ? >> reporter: actor gene wilder changed it with his performances from his oscar nominated role in the producers to his other oscar nominated role in "young frankenstein." >> dr. frankenstein. >> you must be eeg-or. >> reporter: he died at 83 from complications of alzheimer's. though his nephew says it never stole his ability to recognize those closer to him. there was nothing wild about wilder in person. he had a sweetness about him even when deflecting a question. >> are you asking if i want to have a baby. >> i mean, you know, yeah. >> i'll tell you after the interview. >> reporter: he was an actor who painted water colors, who married four times.
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gilda radner who got ovarian cancer. even as wilder himself successfully battled non-hodgkin's lymphoma. >> i said i'll sign right now exchange lifespans with you. the irony is i meant it. i thought she would pull through and would live longer than i would. >> five years into the marriage she was gone. wilder's fourth wife survives him. there's a big hole in comedy's heart with the loss of gene wilder tweeted comedian larry will more. mel brookes comedies. a hard drinker with a quick draw. no wonder kids liked him. he was an expert in not growing up. >> a lot of men are babies. to grow up is something that comes easier to women ? there is no life i know to compare with your imagination ? >> reporter: a toast to your
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jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> michelle: okay. we're going to continue our imagination thing going on here. because we have some very talented men here from the aussie heat. you have been on -- you've been in our studios before. were you on our sister station cw. we're excited to have you back because you have a great show and name change. >> yes. we were the aussie hunks. we're now the aussie heat. we have two routines now. we'r we're excited about that. and so that's why we changed the name because it was a younger, fresher name. >> krystal: you guys have really taken off which is awesome. the emcee of the program. let's talk about your show. what's different with your show from other shows? >> we're kind of a new era of male dance shows or male review shows. all the guys are professional dancers so they have -- like you will see some dancing in a second.
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we're like to say we're the iphone and all the other shows are the-- >> you are the emcee. >> krystal: we wpt to see what you guys are bringing. why not. let's see what you got right? let's do it. >> michelle: are you all from australia? >> yes all born and raised in australia. ? [music] ? [ applause ] . >> krystal: bring it chad. wait a minute. they weren't ready. one hand. are you kidding me? awesome. i love it. anybody else? well on that note that's all we needed to see. we saved the best for last. talk about aussie heat. they brought the heat and they're bringing the heat. >> michelle: use your
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tirt from wednesday to sunday --
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>> chloe: it's still guying to be hot. then slightly more bearable by labor day. 95 for next monday. just got to wait until because if we have double-digits coming into the forecast, then it's good with michele all right. stick with news 3. we're going to have more updates on the situation breaking in los angeles from chris brown's house. they had a press conference going on. so tune in to "news 3 live at three" for that. have a good one everybody.
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for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every mononth. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions.
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>> dario: so... coffee? >> rafe: i've got to check on hope. >> dario: [sighs] rain check. >> rafe: depends. we found out last night that aiden jennings is the new d.a. >> dario: her ex? that lying criminal dirtbag is the new d.a.? >> rafe: yeah, that's the one, so now we're working closely with h >> dario: i love this town. >> rafe: she's not picking up. >> dario: maybe she's in the shower. >> rafe: or maybe she took matters into her own hands. >> dario: rain check. >> rafe: yeah. >> aiden: so i want to start with the most recent of justin's cases and then work backwards, so if i can get last month's files, that'd be great. >> roman: you got it. >> aiden: yeah, okay. shoot. did you see where i put my phone? >> roman: probably left it in the interrogation room. >> aiden: yeah.


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